how to make leather bracelets?

Buying  a bracelet may be very easy but it may not so special to your own design.Do you want to know how to make leather bracelets ?Or making a special leather bracelet which is unparalleled and unique style ?Now let me show you a simple example how easy it is.

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Get all your supplies. This is the first and most important step, it determines the process of the entire bracelet production and the necessary components, the style of your bracelet. A studded leather bracelet requires strips of tooled leather, assorted studs, an x-acto knife, a hammer, a snap-on clasp, and scissors,and some other charms .

Measure and cut the leather. Wrap the leather strip around your wrist, and add an additional inch to the measurement. Use the scissors to cut the strip to length, and cut off the corners to round off the ends.

Place the studs and Cut slits for the studs. Take your studs and arrange them how you like over the leather bracelet. When you’ve gotten them just where you want them to be,of course,you can also add some charms.

Add the studs. Slide each of the studs through the slits you have cut. The prongs will stick out the back end. Twist them around just how you like them before securing them in place.

Bend down the prongs. Flip the leather strip over and use your hammer to bend down the prongs. If there are two prongs on the back of each stud, hammer them down in opposite directions.

Add the buttons. To create the clasp, add the snap-on buttons to either end of the bracelet. These may have prongs that can be slid through the leather and hammered down like the studs, or they may need to be glued in place.