how to make leather bracelets for men?

Do you want know how to make leather bracelets for men especially for your boyfriend ? Would you like to surprise someone with a very special gift? Here you can learn how to make a bracelet that can be wrapped around the wrist in multiple lines. It’s a stylish and creative accessory for any man.

mens cheap custom leather bracelets design


Get ideas. Before you begin making your bracelets, think about who you want to make for ,Knowing which style do you want to make will he likes this style, how many kinds materials the whole bracelet contains ensuring that you don’t waste time and supplies on something that you don’t really want .

Gather supplies. In order to make your bracelet you will need supplies. These can be simple and inexpensive or they can be elaborate and more costly. It depends on your personal preference, as well as your needs. such as charms like skull,anchor,little dumbbell.

Buy your clasp. No matter what type or style of bracelet you are making, the clasps will largely be the same as they are based more on preference. 


Measure and cut the leather.Cut 2 strands of leather cord or strips with scissors. When crafting leather bracelets, you can estimate the length by wrapping the strand around your wrist and adding a few more inches to the overall length to compensate for a tie.

Knot the ends. Tie the strands together at 1 end with a secure knot, leaving a bit of leather on the end for tying the bracelet around your wrist. For the easiest beading process, tape one end to a tabletop or pin it to your pant leg.

Begin beading. Place a single bead onto one of the strings and slide it to the base of the knot.Of course ,you can place some special charms.

Slide the second piece of leather through the bead. The leather chord should slide in the same bead from the opposite side. This will create a loop around the bead, securing it in place. This process will be done for every bead added.

Finish your bracelet. Use a basic knot to tie off the other end of your bracelet. Remove the tape from the opposite end, and tie the tails together around your wrist to finish off your piece of jewelry.

This bracelet  style depends on the accessories you chose , easy to make, he must like it very much.