how to make leather cord bracelets?

Do you want to know how to make leather cord bracelets? Weaving is a very learned art, when you master a lot of weaving methods, a few strings can make beautiful works of art.A handmade braided leather bracelet is an artwork ,looks very beautiful and elegant.If you know some weave method, you’ll find this project very straightforward. Once the bracelet has been made using five leather cords, you can add ornaments such as metallic flower decorations, beads or some special charms, to add a very personal touch.

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Select five leather cords. You’ll need to have three of one color and two of another color. Bind the cords together with a crimp or wire. Add or attach a loop to enable the bracelet to be linked together for wearing.

Stick the end of the bound cords on a flat surface with adhesive tape. This will make the braiding easier, as the cords won’t move. Unfold the five cords and arrange them alternately.

Braid the cords. Starting with the left outermost cord, bring it over the cord to its right and under the center cord. Then, with the right outermost cord, bring it over the cord to its left and under the center cord.On this step,you can add some special charms.

Continue braiding following this pattern. Braid the cords to the length that will fit your wrist.

Bind the end with a crimp or wire. Link a lobster clasp to the crimp or wire.

Cut off any excess cord.

String a bell or any other trinket to a short chain. Link the chain to one end. After you know how to make leather cord bracelets ,you can make many beautiful  bracelets.