How to Make Stainless Steel Bracelets

Do you know the factory steps of make stainless steel bracelet? how to make stainless steel bracelets? Is it difficult or easy? Does the bracelet worth that price? Do you want to know all these questions?

Production Process:

1, First we should decide whether the pendant need to make a moulding, depending on the pendant designs. If a pendant need to make moulding, usually it is more expensive.

2, Carving, if a pendant is simple design, we can carving a original shape first.

3, Assembly, make some items together.

4, Welding, the craftwork of assembly.

5, Polishing, make the items to be smooth surface.

6, IP Plating, It is also a expensive step and time-consuming.

7, Other steps, such as, laser, setting stone, Dripping Oil, Embellishing.

Right now, do you still think make a stainless steel bracelet is a simple thing? It is not easy. If you want to buy a amazing stainless steel bracelet, you’d better to find a professional factory. They are good at some of these steps, usually they won’t finish all the step by themselves. And they will cooperate each other.


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