how to make wrap bracelets with beads?

Do you want to know how to make wrap bracelets with beads?Are you interested in making a handmade bracelet by yourself ?now,let me show it  to you just a few simple steps.

Tiger’e Eye dumbbell bead bracelet manufacturer

Select your accessories.If you want to make wrap bracelets with beads,you must have an image in your mind,how it will look like,which color will suit you best,and which style you like most,so you would know how to select your accessories.Today,we just have some beads and leather for example.


Step1: Design a strand of entirely handmade bead chain

Snip appropriate  long tiger tail wire off the coil and you can start by stringing the Rhinestone beads onto the wire as picture show: firstly cross the wire tips through Hole 1 & 2 nearby one corner and then the other two rest holes. Arrange the palette as what you want.

Step2: Wrap the beads chain around leather cord

Take the suede cord and then firstly tie a fast knot to combine two strands together;

Then wrap the Rhinestone bead chain around the suede cord by half stich;

Remain tying half stich until the last bead;

Finally, trim off the excess thread and melt the ending with lighter.

Step3: Attach on the clasp and complete the beaded bracelet

Clip the ends of suede cord by special Brass Ribbon End and next you can add on the clasp and decorative alloy pendant with Jumprings.

Big Surprise, aha? Everyone love surprise and will be deeply impressed by surpris es. If do not have a try,you even not know you can make such a beautiful beaded bracelet.Just do it,more surprise will appear in front of you.