how to make wrap bracelets with leather and beads?

Making your own bracelets is fun and easy to do so just go to your nearest craft store and start mixing and matching threads right now.Buy some leather and beads,or some other special charms.

leather bracelets with charms

First, fold the leather cord in half, creating a small loop in the middle. The size of the loop should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the hex nut or button, just enough to let it in the loop. This would help secure the hex nut and close the bracelet.

Place one end of the waxed linen string in between the two leather strips.Using the same string, wrap it around the base of the loop around five times going towards the end of the leather strips. This will secure the linen and leather strips together.

Place one end of the chain just beneath the fifth wrap. Fasten the chain to the leather strips by wrapping the linen cord around the three strips.

Continue wrapping the linen around the strips until you get the desired length for your bracelet.

Cut off the excess chain once you get the right length.

Wrap the linen around the strip five more times.

Cut off the excess leather and linen. Tie all three into a knot.

Attach the hex nut or button. Then, tie a few more knots to secure.


if you can make this bracelet by yourself ,wrap bracelets with leather and beads is just a piece of cake. You can make as many bracelets as you want as the materials can be found in many craft stores. Once you get a hang of it, you can make longer or shorter bracelets. Another option is changing the materials and colors to suit your need. You can even give them away as gifts to your friends and loved ones.