how to make wrap bracelets with string?

Do you want to know how to make wrap bracelets with string? just have a try with your creative ideas.

Today how to string bracelets is for you. Recently I raised an idea of string bracelet designs. I think it wonderful in my eyes. I am wondering whether you like it as well.Before beginning how to make string bracelet, you have to prepare two chains and cords. The cords of string bracelet designs are multicolored. With the materials well-prepared, let’s go to the directions of making process.

how to make a nylon rope bracelet

Prepare two chains and one roll of cords.the chains and cords all depend on yourself,color,style,characters ,if you have some special charms want to add,just do it.

Place the two chains together aligned.this process is very easy,if you are good at weaving bracelet,you can try many styles,choose the best one.

Thread one end of the cord from the first hole of chain to the second one.

Go on threading from one hole the next.

String all the holes of the chains.

Wear the cord to your wrist; cut off the redundant cord.

Slide the chains to the center of the cord.

Add one cord end to each end of the cord.


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