how to make wrapped leather bracelets?

Today,I will show you some braiding skills to make a wrapped leather bracelets, very easy, the materials can also easily be find in jewelry store.If you know how to make wrapped leather bracelets,some other styles of bracelet is just a piece of cake.

how to make a nylon rope bracelet

Choose your colors. You can have any number, from 1 to 4. 2 colors is pretty easy to work with, but have fun and be creative. You can use muted tones for an earthier look, or bright colors for a more festive feel. For this example, we’ll use black and blue strands.

Cut the strands to size. To fit your wrist when finished, the strands should be slightly longer than the distance from your wrist to your elbow. You need 3 strands of thread for each main strand. Separate them into groups of 3 strands per color.

Secure one end of the strands. Tie all the strands into a knot at one end, and attach it to something secure, such as a monitor or a dresser drawer. You can safety pin it to your jeans, tie it to your toe, or tape it to something, as long as it will stay put while you work.

Start braiding. Turn the blue strands to the inside, and cross the left strand over the right strand. 

Now cross the black strands. Cross the right black strand over the right of the blue strand, and then cross the left black strand over the right blue strand.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach the desired length of your bracelet. 

Tie it off with a knot. Cut off the excess string, but leave a little bit on each end so you can tie it on.

  • If you make it a little larger, it also works as an anklet!