how to make wristbands out of string?

How to make wristbands out of string? Such a useful skill ,if you have  mastered weaving skills ,you can make many  useful things.In China,Weaving skills is very important,and widely used in many areas,many people are weaving their own shoes, wool and even some fishing net.

how to make braided bracelets

Select your supplies. For this wristband, you will need thin leather strips or chords, leather or fabric glue, a needle, and embroidery floss in multiple colors. You will also need scissors to cut both the leather and the thread. Clasps are optional.

Measure and cut the leather. Wrap a single piece of leather around your wrist, and add 2-3 extra inches to the length. The extra leather will be used to tie the ends together when the bracelet is completed. Cut the leather to size.

Secure the leather. Tape down one end of the strip to a table top, about two inches from the end.

Begin wrapping your thread. Dab a bit of glue to the leather, and then wrap a piece of embroidery floss around it. Wrap the embroidery floss tightly around the strip for as long as you would like, before switching to your next color. When you finish, add another dab of glue and cut off the excess embroidery floss.

Add additional colors. Follow the same process as above by dabbing on a bit of glue to the leather, and then wrapping a new color of embroidery floss around the strip. Continue wrapping the floss as far as you would like, and then dab on some more glue and cut off the excess.

Continue the pattern. Add as much floss as you would like to your bracelet to give it a bit of color. You may choose to wrap the entire leather strip, or only a bit of it; the choice is up to you!

Finish off the embroidery floss section. When you’ve added as much thread to your bracelet as you would like, thread the end of the floss through a needle, and cut off all of the string except for about 1 inch. Thread the needle under the embroidery floss that you’ve already wrapped around the leather. Pull the needle out the other side, leaving the tail end of the thread hidden under the wrappings.

Finish off the bracelet. If you want to add clasps to your bracelet, attach them to the ends of the leather strands at this point. Otherwise, simply tie the ends together around your wrist, and you’re finished!

Wow,this wristband has finished ,don’t you think it is very beautiful ,you can try more weaving skills,and chose the best one.