how to make wristbands?

How to make wristbands ?Today,I will show you some steps about making wristbands,very easy.Maybe the wristband a little simple,but the skills is important,if you have mastered the skills ,you can make personal style wristbands.

male leather bracelets

You can choose materials depend on your needs, leather just a example.

Cut a strip of leather about 34 inch (1.9 cm) wide along the side. The strip should be long enough that you can wrap it around your wrist, or the wrist of the person who will be wearing the wristband.

Wrap the bracelet around a cylindrical object. This will allow you to form the wristband without having to use your own wrist, which makes it much more difficult to work because you will only have one free hand.

Make the sides overlap each other. An inch or two of overlap is enough. It does not matter which side is on top.

Glue the overlapping parts together, using a glue stick. Glue will be more secure than tape, and be less prone to coming undone. Other kinds of glue can also be used, but avoid particularly harsh or toxic glues, because it may touch your skin. Glue sticks are entirely sufficient for gluing paper to paper.

Decorate your wristband using colored pencils, pens, or crayons. Your decoration is limited only by your imagination. You may want to avoid using markers, particularly on construction paper. Markers can bleed through the paper, weakening the wristband and potentially getting on your skin.

Let the wristband dry. After gluing and decorating your wristband, let the glue dry. If you take the wristband off the cylinder before it is dry, it is more likely to fall apart.

Slide your wristband off the cylinder. After you have removed it from the cylinder, the wristband is ready to wear!