how to put on a wrap bracelet?


How to put on a wrap bracelet?Today,I will show you five ways to  put on a wrap bracelet,very fashionable.

how to put on a wrap bracelet


For this look, I got a little savvy in my wrapping and thought this way to wrap, besides the classic 5-layered style bracelet look, really stood out.  It’s creative, easy to do and can be easily accomplished by double wrapping one-way and then double wrapping “criss-cross” the other way. If you are simply looking for another take on how to wear your wrap bracelet why not try it out?

I wore my wrap bracelet as a double stranded headband. This look is especially cool with any type of wrap bracelet and only takes a minute to accomplish. First, have a large elastic hairband or rubber band handy. You’ll want to slide the band through one end of the wrap bracelet. Then fold the wrap bracelet in half and proceed to slide the band through the other end of the wrap bracelet. Lastly, close the button so the band stays attached. Now simply, attach it over your head with the band on the lower end of your head. This look is soft, pretty and bohemian.

For a stylish layering look with silver or gold jewelry wear your wrap bracelet as a long necklace. This is, I believe, the quickest and easiest way to wear a wrap bracelet, other than a bracelet.

A double necklace look is contemporary and complements a button down shirt nicely. Simply double up and adjust lengths as needed by gently pulling. For a work to after-work look you can readily switch your double necklace to a long necklace using your wrap bracelet.

Perfect for any season, wearing a wrap bracelet as an ankle wrap is one of the best ways to wear a wrap bracelet. Simply wrap the same normal way you would around your wrist. Just try to avoid getting it wet if your near water!