how to put on wrap bracelet

How to put on wrap bracelet ?Wrap bracelet is very beautiful,but it is a little long,if you are not familiar with the wearing skills ,maybe a little difficult,of course,you can not show it beauty totally either.Now,let me show you one simple but most useful ways.

how to put on wrap bracelet

Step 1,Take your wrap bracelet and hold the button between your pointer finger and your thumb. By holding the button towards the inside of your palm it will allow the closure to lay at the bottom of your wrist.

Step 2,Begin to wrap the bracelet around your wrist by crossing over the top of your hand from your thumb to your pinky finger. Do not pull too tight but just comfortably so that it isn’t tugging your skin. Continue wrapping the wrap bracelet around your wrist as many times as needed.

Step 3,At the opposite end of your wrap bracelet you will find three knotted holes which will allow you to choose the length that fits your wrist best. Once you have wrapped your bracelet around your wrist, the button hole extension will lie on the underside (bottom) of your wrist. Hold the button holes in place while bringing the button to meet as shown in the photo.

step 4,Slide the button through the appropriate button hole that is the best fit for you and…VIOLA! Repeat these steps to layer your favorite complementing wrap bracelets to complete your look.

If you prefer not to have any excess leather hanging you can cut the excess leather off. Just remember to cut on an angle to prevent fraying of the leather. Remember you can also wear your wrap bracelet as a necklace, belt or ankle bracelet. I hope this little easy tutorial on how to wear a wrap bracelet was useful!