how to sew beads on leather?

Adding  beads to cloth is an easy way to dress up an otherwise uneventful clothing item.beads are a staple part of many costumes, from ballet to the circus, so if you or your children need costumes, knowing how to sew beads on leather is always a handy skill.

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All  beads are attached using thread or filament . This article teaches you how to sew beads on leather.

Begin with fine,long needle,and suitable thread .The thread should be fine and strong in order to sew  beads on leather ; silk,leather or cotton are good natural choices while polyester thread is long-lasting.

Place the needle and thread on the underside of the fabric where you intend sewing the beads into place.

Place the sequin with care on the top side of the fabric, sitting in the position that you want it to be.

Bring the needle up through the fabric. Draw it through the center of the beads .Leave a long tail of thread on the underside.

Return to the backside of the fabric. Cross the thread over the top of the beads.

Tie the ends of the thread together on the back side to create secure knot.

Move on to the next sequin. The more that you sew , the faster this will become as you get used to the rhythm of going through the motions.

  • When sewing beads in a row, be sure that they’re not overlapping unless this is the final look you wish to achieve.