When wear collar necklace you should consider whether it is fit for your age and body coordination. Such as the neck slender woman wearing imitation silk chain, is more beautiful then with other kind; whip chain , thick and strong ,necklace is the best choice for older women. And you should also consider it match your clothing or not. For example: when wearing soft and flowing silk clothes , it is desirable for you to wear exquisite and delicate necklace, which makes you look charming; And when wearing single color or plain clothes , you should wear collar necklace. Thus, in the embellishment of jewelry, clothing color may seem rich and active.Consider in the style, color and clothing matching,wearing the necklace we should note the followings:

1, pay attention to your necklace style, and whether accurate size. The size of necklace depends on different person. Thick neck, the size should to be bigger, smaller the other side. Wearing high collar, necklace size should not be too long, or pendant should not be exposed . When wear collar sweater, you can only wear necklaces, no more meed pendants ; wear three lapel , high collar sweater or hair shirt, necklace worn out of the clothes, accessories must not have chestnut burr, avoid grinding each other.

2, Considering whether it have decorative effect and match with the costumes. If you want to wear clothing pendant on the necklace, the necklace would not too long and too thick. If you only consider the beauty of necklace,Charms pay attention to necklacestyle and fashion , some are single-string, and other string with more style.

3, To pay attention to match the effect of different material. Different material and different clothing styles match that will produce different results, if wearing a red skirt suit, coupled with a gold necklace, looked warm, fit for festive banquets and other occasions attending; If you wear a sky blue polyester georgette dress, accompanied by a root silver necklace will look gentle, cheerful, charming scene; sometimes dress in tight clothes on the movement, coupled with a gold necklace, but also make you more light and lively; If you wear a light green and white flowers and white polyester georgette dress, coupled with a white pearl necklace with silver, will make you full of clear cool atmosphere; If you wear a clean white with red beads,pretty and rich will become more attractive.

wear collar necklace