What are the best tvs to buy ?

What are the best tvs to buy  ?If you want to buy a television in the face of this year are very simple and the most complex and diversified TV market.

what are the best tvs to buy
You have to consider different panel technology (direct leadership, leadership, and OLED);Different resolution (HD and UHD);If you want to high dynamic range, if you do what you want to do what level of HDR performance;Do you want to have a curved screen or flat screen…To be honest, basically do not have what TV brand is not to win your heart and my wallet.
To some extent, which function you need to set themselves important to you, what doesn’t, according to your browsing habits and personal taste.Especially the screen size you can manage, if your room is usually bright or dark, what kind of sources you might use.
Of course we can do to make your life easier, however, is in the broad church 2016 TV from our perspective, you know, most of the actual test they pick our 10 favorite, in a wide range of features and price.You can choose the one which you like to buy.