why young living oils are the best?

First and foremost, the main reason I started using why young living oils are the best of essential oils is because 3 separate people I know and trust use and recommend Young Living.  They had done their research on essential oil brands, and each one separately had come to the conclusion of using Young Living above other brands.

That reason alone was good enough in my book to use the Young Living brand!  But as I began to do my own research, I realized I would have chosen Young Living on my own anyway.

A much better option is to use natural essential oils that actually support a healthy body while they make you smell and feel amazing. There are some blends that smell wonderful as perfume and also ones that are just singles that smell great alone as perfume. Remember I only recommendYoung Living essential oils because they are a 20 year old company that owns their own organic farms and distilleries all over the world.  No other company the oversight and control every part of the process that they guarantee with Seed to Seal promise.

Young Living promotes dangerous practices.  He recommends all of his oils and blends for internal use.  I am NOT opposed to internal use of essential oils but, here, you need to understand the chemistry and what you are ingesting.  Some of his blends contain Tansy oil.  Which one?  The safe annual kind (AKA Blue Tansy) or the very toxic perennial?  I can’t emphasize enough that a substance isn’t safe just because it’s natural.  Petroleum is natural-would you drink oil?  Poison Ivy is natural-would you roll naked in it?  Would you let your child eat all the pokeberries they want or let your dog chew on the Christmas poinsettias?

why young living oils are the best