what do fitness models eat

Bodybuilding Diet Meal Plan

What do fitness models eat ?The most important thing to do if you are a male or female bodybuilder is to eat clean and consume natural foods.

what do fitness models eat

When I try to explain to someone what a typical bodybuilder food is I use the phrase “less is more.”

This means that the less ingredients the better. Typically most of the bodybuilding foods are just 1 ingredient. This means that they are not processed or bought in a box.

Your body will absorb the nutrients and use this food as fuel much more efficiently. Take for example potato vs. a potato chip. Red skin potatoes are high in vitamin C, potassium and have good quality carbohydrates for a bodybuilder. Red skin potatoes are 1 ingredient. Potato chips are usually more than 10 ingredients and are processed and stripped of all the healthy vitamins and minerals.

If you are a bodybuilder you must strive to eat clean at least 90 percent of the time.

Let’s take a look at what “clean foods” actually are and break down your bodybuilding grocery store cheat sheet.

How much do bodybuilders actually eat?

While the amount of food varies greatly between male and female bodybuilders and individual body types, metabolism and goals – here are a few guesstimates as to what the average male and female bodybuilder will consume in terms of calories in their off season and pre contest diets.

Female Off Season: Bodyweight x 15

Female Pre Contest: Bodyweight x 13

Male Off Season: Bodyweight x 18

Male Pre Contest: Bodyweight x 16

E.g. – A 200 lb male bodybuilder in the offseason will consume 200 x 18 calories, which equals 3,600

These are just rough estimates and based on an average of over 20 male and female bodybuilders that were polled on their pre contest and off-season calorie consumption.

Interested to see what an entire bodybuilding meal plan looks like? This would be how a typical bodybuilder would eat about 12 weeks before a competition. Note that all of these foods are very “clean” and nutrient dense which maximizes muscle retention, energy levels and fat burning.

Sample Bodybuilding Meal Plan

Meal One: 

¾ Cup Oatmeal with 1 Sliced Banana

4 Whole Eggs, 4 Egg Whites

1-Ounce Raw Almonds

Meal Two:

6 Ounces Lean Grass Fed Beef, ½ Sliced Avocado

Meal Three:

8 Ounces Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, ½ Cup Brown Rice, ½ Cup Steamed Veggies

Meal Four (Post Workout):

8 Ounces Wild Caught Cod, 8 Ounces Red Skin Potatoes, Large Spinach Salad

Meal Five:

4 Ounces Fat Free Ground Turkey, 1 Ounce Brazil Nuts