What does cremation cost ?

What does cremation cost ? Cremation is a kind of physical therapy, especially is the body of the torch ashes. Then on the urn, buried deep in the earth, dispersed in water or air, even if the rocket into space.Hinduism, Buddhism prevailed in the cremation the Buddha sakyamuni, following the death of cremated buddhist cultural relics is a famous from all over the world, to follow after the death of cremation funeral, burial of Confucianism, Islam and Christianity are common.Since the beginning of the 20th century, cremation popularized in the world, saving scarce arable land.The current China’s cremation, 53% to 53% in the United States, Japan, more than 90%.

what does cremation cost

Cremation costs each country, each region is different, even in an area different villages is different.Funeral is to commemorate the dead person.Generally a cremation around $2000 – $3000, in rural China, about 1000 dollars.If it’s a bit rich, the grand funeral does point, good point, it will be a little big, the cost of the funeral, presumably to $10000 or more.

Human means has cremation, burial, and so on, different cost. Choose cremation is mainly in order to save the cultivated land, protect the environment.