what is cremation

About cremation

what is cremation?Cremation involves the use of high temperature and flame reduce a corpse, whether human or animal bone fragments .Due to the rise of a new method of processing body, such as alkaline hydrolysis or promession.
However, the cremation of the north American association suggested somewhat broad definition: “the mechanical or heat or other dissolving process, reduce human remains bone fragments.”
Cremation is burning, evaporation and oxidation bodies of basic compounds.Such as gas, pieces of ash and mineral reserves dry ipads.
The emergence of the Cremation can serve as a funeral or a funeral ceremony.That is a kind of alternative a complete body buried in a coffin, a coffin or shroud.Cremated bodies, does not constitute a health risk.
It may be buried or buried in memorial site or graveyard, or they may be relatives and scattered in different ways to keep.

Cremation is not another funeral, but another kind of funeral or other forms of treatment.Some families would prefer dead to attend the funeral, cremation, and other families prefer to have before cremation and funeral memorial service.

In many countries, the crematorium cremation usually occurs.Some countries such as India and Nepal, choose different methods, such as outdoor cremation.

About animal cremation

If the cremation is an animal, the owner of the animal to miss them, will put them into the ashes of a cremation jewelry.They brought her every day, just like the animal is still alive.It can reduce the owner’s sadness, the cremation jewelry has great commemorative value and meaning.This kind of jewelry materials are mainly stainless steel, alloy, gold, silver, copper, stainless steel material is not easy to corrode, easy to maintain, so loved by people.Now is very popular in all countries, because it can not only as a kind of adornment, also can be emotional sustenance.
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