What is infinity ring

What is infinity ring ?The infinity ring originated from Turkey. An infinity ring meaning is said to be a symbol of faithfulness and love. This has 4 to 8 separate rings that are connected together in such a way that when they are turned around properly, they make a ring with an interwoven knot. If you remove this from your finger and you are not aware as to how to assemble it, it will become an untidy heap of rings which will be hard to wear.

what is infinity ring

Aside from loyalty and true love, infinity ring meaning also includes everlasting relationships or friendships. This ring is usually placed on the fourth finger, either on your left or right hand. It is a jewellery piece which has the symbol of infinity, thus its name. The whole ring symbolizes continuity while its rings represent a love that has no end or will last forever. It can also be a symbol of friendship shared by the best of friends.

What is infinity rings use for

Because it is a symbol of love and unity, the ring is usually used  for anniversaries and weddings. It can also be bought and worn as a sign of commitment and love regardless of what relationship you have. You can put on an infinity ring in many ways based on the meaning you have behind it.

An infinity ring can be worn as a wedding ring or as one of its parts. You can put it on in addition to your wedding and engagement bands if it is thin. When you combine these rings though, make sure that these will not overpower your finger. This means that you can still bend it easily and there is still a space in the middle of your knuckle and your top band.

If you do not like wearing all the three rings together, then you can replace your engagement band or wedding ring with your infinity ring. These days, couples go for infinity rings for their wedding, and they wear these alone or together with their engagement band.

Wedding wear

You can wear your infinity ring as your anniversary band because this is becoming a famous choice for couples. When you put on the infinity ring as your anniversary band, put it on as a replacement of your wedding ring or you can wear it alone on your fourth finger at the left hand. If you do not wish to replace your wedding ring as you deem it more traditional, then you can put on the infinity ring on your fourth finger at the right hand and your wedding band at the left hand.

If you are given an infinity ring symbolizing a relationship aside from marriage, then you can put this on your fourth finger at the right hand or simply on any of your other fingers. You may also combine them with other personal rings you are wearing as long as they do not overwhelm your hand because it reaches your knuckle or goes beyond it.

Just remember that an infinity ring given to you by a friend, or due to a relationship which is not romantic can be placed on any of your fingers, and not on your wedding finger which is the fourth one on your left hand. Bear in mind that it is not suitable to put on any kind of ring representing a mere friendship on your wedding finger.