What is the ring about?

What is the ring about?Ring is put on the finger of a decorative, anyone can wear.About the ring, there are a lot of common sense.Refers to surround the material such as ring, the ring, ring, ring wear method, way of cleaning and maintenance, etc.we have introduced the meaning of the ring before, now says the ring refers to the circumference and way of cleaning and maintenance.

what is the ring about

What is ring circumference?

Ring is refers to the means of wai in commonly between 7-15, the man is a regular 9 to 13, woman refers to the general 7-9.Measurement refers to the circumference can use rope, round finger measurement.


Way of cleaning and maintenance

How do you clean the diamond ring at home?Actually very simple method:
1, rinse clean liquid method
Served on a small bowl or cup warm water, adjusted the right amount of neutral detergent in the water.The diamond doused in the water, scrub gently with the toothbrush, reoccupy a mesh pocket lives, rinse with warm water under the tap.With a soft finally no dry cotton flannel.

2, cold water immersion method
With a small bowl or cup, diamond is immersed in the water, about 30 minutes, and then use a small brush, before and after the diamond around gently scrub, waving in the water again for a while, take out dry with paper towel.

3, quick cleaning method
Buy a bottle of famous brand jewelry cleaning fluid, along with a complimentary container, follow the instructions washing diamond.