how to sell bracelets at school?

Some schools have strict rules about selling items you do, like friendship bracelets with other students. These rules are put in place to prevent students from being misled by other students. However, these rules do not mean you can not sell friendship bracelets you fabriques. You will need to work with the school to make the sale and give them a reason to let you sell your product.And there is the tips for how to sell bracelets at school:

Business Plan

If you are interested in selling your friendship bracelets in school, you must create a business plan. This plan does not need to be complicated, but it is useful to present your idea for permission. Having a good reason to sell your product will help you convince your school to give you a chance. Using friendship bracelets as a fundraiser for your school or other good cause is more likely to receive a favorable selling them for your own benefit response. The business plan must also detail how you will separate your sales activities from school to avoid the distraction of students in their learning.


To obtain a license to sell friendship bracelets in school, the most important aspect is to get permission from the appropriate party. In many cases, this means approaching the principal or school board with your idea. Be prepared to answer any question, for example, when you go to sell, how much and when. You can also find questions about how to get enough of the bracelets to meet demand. The more prepared you are when you seek permission, the more likely you are to succeed.


Once you have permission to sell friendship bracelets in school, advertising becomes a priority. Tell all your friends that you are selling bracelets and encourage them to let others know. Create signs indicating them to other students what you offer, where, when and how much hangs posters around the school, but be sure to ask where it is allowed to hang. If you are going to donate the proceeds to a specific cause, indicates the cause for students to know where your money goes.

Decide prices

The friendship bracelets often require only floss and when creating embroidery. These materials make them easy to decide prices for bracelets. If you are making for a charity, it is not necessary to charge a lot of your time, especially if you have to help others and not expect to get paid. Because a thread skeen can make a greater number of bracelets, their costs are quite low. Therefore, most of the money you earn can go directly to the school or charity. A common amount to charge for these friendship bracelets between US $ 2 to US $ 5 from 2011.


Before the start date for selling friendship bracelets, you need to build your inventory so that there is sufficient demand. If you finish, you can always take orders for students so you have enough bracelets on the next occasion. Upon receiving orders from other students, give each student who requests a bracelet a piece of paper that details what you asked and what you owe. Wait collect money until you deliver the product. Accept orders allows students to customize a bracelet with your favorite colors.

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