What is viking


What is viking ?The vikings living in 1000 years ago in northern Europe, Norway, Denmark and Sweden today.When europeans more called Northman, namely the north guests.Virgin is their claim, in the Nordic languages, the words contains two meanings: the first is to travel, and then the plunder.They sail travels across Europe, the red sea in the south, west to North America, east to Baghdad.But they appear in front of the local people, for the first time is looting as pirates.

what is viking
Regardless of his archaeological achievements we can from the story which he himself told the vikings, understand their life.The first story, history, poetry is not written, but through the audience down from generation to generation by word of mouth.Until around the year 1100 vikings living in Iceland has its unique characters, record on the skin, or wood, animal bones and stone, the text is composed of a few simple curve, known as the Rune, there are 26 letters first, then gradually evolved into 16.We also can be found from contemporaries are records of the vikings.But some of the victims, such as the monastery of monks, they have less objective description of.