What to put in a locket ?

What to put in a locket ?Though jewelry is often a symbol of love, friendship or commitment, lockets can be more special because of the fact that,they have a compartment where you can place things of sentimental value. Lockets come in different types such as pendants, charms and bracelets, in silver, 18-karat gold and platinum.

what to put in a locket

Common items in a small locket is a picture of your loved ones, have sentimental value.Both parents’ photos, spouse, child or good friends, and meaningful photo can nestle on your heart pendant,or into the bracelet on your wrist.You can put the photos and existing crops ,which suitable for the size of the brain, or you can put new photos in one small locket design.New photos head and shoulders should be focused on the research object, make it easier for crops.
Heart pendant hanging locket make a great gift to the person you love in your life, put a small quartz crystal, or a person’s birthstone pendants can be a very good improve.These types of inclusions is usually consists of a small locket of groove design, you can see inside the pendant.They also feature hinge, open the two hemispheres, exposing a quartz or birthstone hanging in a small circle.One advantage of this brain is, you can add more birthstone and quartz crystal with the passage of time, because they are so small.