How do you use a diffuser

How do you use a diffuser ?Oil diffusers are effective in adding subtle fragrance to the air, since oil is a versatile medium for aromatherapy and essential oils. Candle diffusers are used to diffuse scents in a shallow bowl, using subtle heat from a votive candle. Clay pot diffusers are porous, closed jugs that can be hung on the wall to disseminate fragrance through evaporation. A popular trend is a reed diffuser, which consists of a bottle of fragrant oil and reeds that absorb the oil to the ends for evaporation. Reed diffusers don’t require heat, provide a decorative element and are easy to maintain. The benefit of using oil diffusers is flexibility in changing the scent based on needs and preferences.

how do you use a diffuser

Candle Diffusers
Pour the aromatic oil into the saucer on top of a candle diffuser, filling no more than halfway.

Position a votive candle under the container (there is an open side of the candle diffuser to insert a votive candle).

Place the candle diffuser in a safe location and light the candle to gently warm the scented oil.

Reed Diffusers
Decant the aromatic oil into the bottle and fill halfway.

Insert the diffuser reeds into the neck of the bottle, taking care not to over-stuff the neck of the bottle, and arrange the reeds as desired.

Place the bottle in a secure location and turn the reeds over weekly to expose the moist ends to air.

Clay Pot Diffusers
Pour the aromatic oil into the ceramic jug of the clay pot diffuser using a small funnel; fill the jug at least halfway.