How to clean stainless steel jewelry? Do you have great method to keep the jewelry clean? There are some ways that we collect for you.

Answer 1: Keep your stainless-steel jewelry free of dust and dirt. With a soft cloth, gently rub on a little warm, soapy water (dish-washing detergent is fine). Follow the grain of the stainless steel to avoid scratches. Next, apply plain warm water with a cloth, or dip your piece in the water. Gently wipe dry with another soft cloth.

To clean grimier stainless-steel pieces, use a soft cloth to apply toothpaste–again following the grain of the steel. You want plain white toothpaste that doesn’t contain silica. Use a soft toothbrush to reach any etched areas. Afterward, apply plain warm water with a cloth, or dip your piece in the water. You may need to use a clean toothbrush to remove remaining toothpaste. Gently wipe dry with another soft cloth.

Polish your jewelry with a nontoxic stainless steel polish or polishing cloth–both are available in jewelry stores and online. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surface.

Answer 2:Clean stainless steel jewelry using warm water, mild dish soap and a soft lint-free cloth. Wipe the jewelry in a gentle fashion until it is clean, and buffer along the polish lines. Wipe away any soap reside with a clean cloth, and allow the piece to dry.

Answer 3:When cleaning the jewelry, use a small bowl for the cleaning solution. After the cleaning process, use a jewelry cloth or polish to add extra shine to the jewelry. Using toothpaste can remove blemishes, but the abrasiveness of the toothpaste is a drawback. Use a nonwhitening toothpaste without silica, and use a soft cloth when applying the paste. Rinse the piece when finished. Using a stainless steel cleaner is another option.


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How to clean stainless steel jewlery. Simply follow these steps:

1. Pour some warm water in a small bowl, and add some mild dish washing soap.

2. Dip a soft, lint-free cloth in the soapy water, and then gently wipe the stainless steel jewelry with the damp cloth until the piece is clean.

When cleaning it, rub the item along its polish lines.

3. Wipe the remaining soap off your jewelry using a moist cloth dipped in clean water.

4. Dry the jewelry well with a clean towel, and then leave your pieces to air dry.

Keep in mind, however, that toothpaste is abrasive. If you decide to use it for cleaning, make sure it is a non-whitening brand that does not contain silica, and use a soft cloth to rub the paste onto your pieces.

Don’t forget to rinse the jewelry thoroughly after you are done.