What is 316l surgical steel ?

What is 316l surgical steel ? 316 l is a kind of stainless steel grades.

Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel) refers to the resistance to weak corrosive medium such as air, steam, water and acid, alkali, salt and other chemical etching.
316 l stainless steel tube
Medium corrosion of steel, also called acid-proof stainless steel.In practical application, often called the weak corrosive medium corrosion resistant steel stainless steel, and called the resistance to chemical corrosion medium steel acid-resistant steel.Due to the chemical composition on the difference between the two, the former does not necessarily medium resistance to chemical corrosion, while the latter are generally not rust.The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on the alloy element content in the steel.The density of SUS316L stainless steel density of 7.93 g/cm3

What is 316l surgical steel ?


316 l stainless steel is divided into light stainless steel plate, polishing of stainless steel plate, precision stainless steel plate, 2 b surface of stainless steel plate, the surface of stainless steel plate 8 k, 6 k surface of stainless steel plate, ba the surface of stainless steel plate, mirror stainless steel plate, thin stainless steel plate, the thick stainless steel plate, thick stainless steel plate, the ultra thick stainless steel plate.


1) cold rolling product outward appearance luster, beautiful;2) because of the added Mo, corrosion resistance, especially the pitting corrosion resistance good;3) high temperature strength good 4) excellent processing sclerosing (after processing weak magnetic) 5) solid solution state non-magnetic;6) relative to 304 stainless steel, the price is higher.