how to make beaded bracelets?

Learn how to make beaded bracelets that are easy enough for a child to make. With just a few beads and a length of elastic your kids will have fun designing their own jewelry to match their outfits. There are no fiddly clasps or jump rings to deal with. Just thread on the beads, tie a knot and it’s ready to go.

In my experience the girls tend to go for bright or pastel colors. Boys often prefer dark colors or wooden beads. Both girls and boys seem to like silver or gold plated beads. There are always exceptions though so provide lots of different types of beads so the kids can have fun finding out which ones they prefer.

Materials and Equipment

  • A length of elastic, measure your child’s wrist then add a little extra. The elastic should be loose around the wrist.
  • An assortment of beads

Step 1:Thread on your first bead and tie a loose knot to secure it.

Step2:Continue adding the rest of the beads.Make sure you leave enough thread to secure the ends.

Step3:Undo the knot holding the first bead.Tie both ends together using an overhand knot.

Step4:Trim the elastic and your bracelet is finished

Top Tips

If you don’t have any suitable beads you can use pasta shapes.

Macaroni makes great beads and can be painted different colors.

Take care not to get the pasta too wet or it will go soggy.

You can also use buttons or cut up plastic drinking straws into beads.

how to make beaded bracelets