how to make a rubber bracelet?

Do you want to learn how to make a rubber bracelet? Do you want to know the step-by-step guide in making one by yourself so easily? Before we start we must first clarify that these bracelets are often mistaken for rainbow loom bands. They may look alike but they differ in purpose. Through the years, there had been an increasing demand for these bracelets. No wonder many people, housewives included, are starting to learn how to make them and start earning some extra income for them.

To begin with, how do we make rubber bracelets? First of all, you will need the following materials:

paper towel, bowl, rubber bands, food coloring, bowl, glue, permanent marker, stencil, accessories and stamping device. So here it goes.

First, choose the size of the rubber band that you’re going to use.

If, however, you’re planning to personalize it, choose a much wider rubber band. But before beginning the process, make sure that you try it on first to ensure that it will fit anyone who’s going to wear it and be comfortable with it.

Second, pour some warm water in a bowl. Add a little drop of food coloring to the bowl.

However, if you want a darker color for your bracelet, you can add more colors to the bowl.

Third, you can now drop the rubber bands or bracelets into the bowl.

Once it reaches your desired color, it is now time to remove it from the bowl.

When removing the bracelets, use gloves and let them dry on paper towels. After the bracelet had been dried out, you can now add your desired accessories to it. When writing down names, letters or other words, you can make use of permanent markers to write it down. There you have it! You now have made your own rubber bracelets.

how to make a rubber bracelet