how to make beaded leather bracelets?

The beaded leather bracelets are more and more popular in the world especially among the young so we can learn how to make beaded leather bracelets and sale to them.



Round leather lace – 1 mm or 2 mm – depending on the look you want – need at least double the length of your wrist plus closure.Beading thread – can match the leather or be a contrasting color – I use Nymo.Beads – whatever size and color you would like – want them to match up in weight to the size of the lace you are using. You must be able to thread the beading thread twice through each bead.

Steps of making beaded leather bracelets:

Take a measurement of your wrist and add 1 to 1 ½ inches for closure. This can be adjusted when finishing up the bracelet. Cut a piece of lace to this length.
Cut a piece of beading thread 3 – 4 feet long.

Double the lace, and holding the beading thread with it and knot the leather and the thread together in an overhand knot about a half-inch from the folded end. This will be the ?loop? part of the closure. You can adjust the size of this loop to accommodate the bead or knot you will be using. Make sure the beading thread is part of the knot. You can secure this with a dot of glue. Take the beading thread and knot it to one of the leather strands close to the knot. This will be where you start adding in beads.

Clip both the knotted end of the leather and the other end to a piece of foamcore or cardboard to hold it straight. For clips you can use binding clips available at most office supply stores. Separate the two leather strands so the beads will fit inside them. Hold the foamcore sideways so that it will be comfortable to work with.

Continue on until you reach the length you determined at the beginning. Tie off the beading thread to one of the laces as you did in the beginning, but don?t cut it off. Now make another knot with both leather laces and the thread and pull tight. Slide your closure bead onto all three strands and knot again. Secure the knots with dots of glue, and clip the ends. If you are using knots as a closure, knot the three strands together, then make another knot over top of this one. Secure the knots with a dot of glue.

how to make beaded leather bracelets