How to wear cuff earrings?

Ear cuffs are very popular trend in funky,chic jewelry.Best of all,how to wear cuff earrings is very important in our daily life.It can show girls and women’s beautiful and gracuful in her body.

First,stand in front of a mirror ,until you get used to the way a correctly positioned cuff sits on your ear,it can be easiest to put the cuff on while looking at your ear in a mirror,so you can begin to wear cuff earrings.

Secondly,using one hand to hold the skin and cartilage of the ear taut.Doing so can make it easier to silde the cuff into place.It is often easiest to use whichever hand is located on the same side of the body as the ear you’re working on.When putting a cuff on your left ear,use your left hand to hold the ear taut.When working with the right ear,use you right hand.

Thirdly,slide the cuff down and inward.Using your other hand to carefully slide the ear cuff down the outer rim of cartilage.

The last way,check the fit. The cuff earrings should be comfortable,if it make your ear sore,it is too tight.If it starts sliping off or silping further down your ear, it is too loose.

wear cuff earrings