What are surgical steel earrings ?

What are surgical steel earrings ?Earring is a decorations on the ear, through the ear hole to put on, so the name stud earrings.Usually have silver, gold, plastic type and so on.Surgical steel earrings rust resistance.316 stainless steel is widely used in the medical field, it is not heavy metals such as nickel chrome pollution, it won’t produce metal allergy phenomenon, not harm the human body.Another characteristic is a stainless steel jewelry, it is very durable material, no oxidation bleaching.Shiny polished looks new, easy to maintain.

what are surgical steel earrings

Surgical steel earrings is  also a  good gift for the friends in your life,it is going to last several years with her. Whatever what outfits your wear, it makes a unique style.It is the best gift for them.

What is the difference between stainless steel and surgery?

Many people don’t understand the difference between stainless steel and surgery.They believe that one is used for cooking and other durable products, and steel only being used for surgery, punch and other medical purposes.

The truth of the matter is, there is no difference.Surgical steel is stainless steel.The only difference is that viewing conditions.There is no solid steel technology, the definition of the surgery because it does not exist.