What is the ring?

What is the ring? Ring with the “ring” to small ring made of metal or stone. Some on the mean, as decorations or tokens, said ring today.Wear in different fingers, and represent a different meaning.

What is the ring

What is the ring ?Different kind of ring

Many different kinds of ring, in addition to the pure silver ring, and a diamond ring, crystal ring, pearl rings, jade ring, alexandrite rings, opal ring, opal ring, garnet ring, ruby ring, sapphire, the emerald ring, agate rings, etc.
Due to the specific environment and conditions, people give the different meanings of various kinds of rings.
Given couples in their engagement ring meaning is:
Diamond ring is solid – love.
Pearl rings – love white and flawless.
Ruby ring – love is like a fire, never extinguished.
Sea sapphire ring – love as deep as the sea, like sea water clean.
Crystal ring – love is like a crystal clear bottom.
Opal ring – love colourful, poetic.

Put on the meaning of the different fingers

Ring is one of the most popular accessories of women. Some people think that it originated in the 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt, also some people think that it comes from China. In short, the history of the ring is relatively long, and it put on the significance of each finger is not the same.
Wear on the index finger: want to get married, also is the sign of a proposal, or said unmarried.
Put on the middle finger: said has been in love, also some people engagement ring in the middle finger.
Put on the ring finger: said already engaged or married.
Put on the little finger: suggest that I would like to single.
Engagement and wedding ring must be of pure gold, platinum or silver said love pure last, and multi-purpose annular seamless, never to be parted to show, the permanent love.