how to do bracelets with rubber bands?

Rubber bracelets have become the poplar way today to champion a cause or to promote a message. To make a simple rubber-band bracelet by hand, insert one end of a rubber band into another rubber band. Continue to insert one rubber band into the previous rubber band until the desired length is achieved, then use a C clip to close the bracelet.So how to do bracelets with rubber bands there is three tips as following:

  1. Gather the materials:Gather at least 20 rubber bands of the same size. Determine how long your bracelet should be by measuring around your wrist with a piece of string. Cut the string to the approximate length of the bracelet,this is very important of how to do bracelets with rubber bands.
  2. Start the pattern:Place one rubber band horizontally on top of a vertical one. Fold the horizontal rubber band around the other one, then insert one end of the horizontal rubber band into its other end. Pull it tight so that the vertical rubber band is folded into itself.
  3. Continue the pattern to the desired length:Insert another rubber band through the vertical loops. Fold the ends of the third rubber band together, then insert a rubber band through the loops. Continue the pattern, and periodically compare the length of the bracelet to the length of the string. To close the bracelet, insert a C clip through the last rubber band, then insert the loop of the first rubber band into the C to do bracelets with rubber bands